Can you wear a human hair topper with bangs? 

Can you wear a human hair wig or topper with bangs?

Whether you call it a fringe or bangs, the answer is YES! Our Human Hair Toppers look fabulous with bangs. 

Bangs in your hair topper are a great way to wear your topper if you don’t want to blend your own hair at the front, or if you already have bangs in your own hair. The topper will easily clip on top of your own hair and cover up your own hair line, or blend with your own bangs.  

Bangs for everyone. 

“Bangs: Can add an element of high style, fashion and personality. Whether you prefer trendy or classic  – there’s a stunning bangs cut for everyone.”


There are many different types of bangs – curtain bangs, wispy fringes, side bangs and the list goes on. You can have any type of bangs cut in to your hair topper, or we can cut them for you before we ship you your new hair. 

How to get bangs on your hair topper..

You may have noticed we dont have many wigs or toppers on our website with pre-cut bangs. Because there are so many different types of bangs, and once they’re cut they’re cut, it is better for us to create wigs and toppers without bangs, and cut them when requested.  You can have nay type of bangs cut into any of our wigs and toppers. All you need to do is let us know which piece you would like and send us an inspiration photo for the cut. We will then cut it before shipping it out to you.

Get a Professional

“BANGRY – The anger a hair stylist feels when a client cuts their own bangs” 

You can also have your preferred stylist cut your topper, which is a great option if you want to have it cut on your head. They can give you ideas on how the cut will sit and what would suit you best. Please remember to NEVER cut the bangs yourself. It looks easy, but it is harder than it looks. Stylists have years of training and know how to cut a natural looking bang. Unlike real hair, your topper hair will not grow back. You’ve invested money in a gorgeous hair piece, dont ruin it with a DIY haircut.

Get Inspired

Now you know that there are so many wonderful options and customisations you can make with all of our hair toppers, get inspired. Browse through Pinterest and find your perfect cut. 

4 thoughts on “Can you wear a human hair topper with bangs? 

  1. Elsa Zaboj says:

    I would love a light curtain bang in my topper. How much extra wiuld it cost to get?
    Also there doesn’t seem to be any cap sizes. How does this work?

    1. Clem Bastos says:

      Hi Elsa, The topper cap sizes are in the product description. Most of our silk topper caps are an 8″ x 8″ base. These fit all head sizes. We can cut any type of bang in to any of the topper. I will send you an email with information and you can send me an inspiration photo of the bangs you like.

  2. claireslavenderblue says:

    Dear Clementine~. About two weeks ago, I signed up to join your mailing list and sent you several questions because I am a serious buyer and I had two in mind. Unfortunately and surprising, I never heard from you and now when I go into my account, it doesn’t even show the wigs that I put into my cart or my wish list.
    Will you please get in touch with me to discuss the Blaire and the pony tail wigs? Thanks very much, Irene Claire James in Oregon.

    1. Clem Bastos says:

      Hi Claire, let me check on the account issue for you. I did send you an email about two weeks ago. Please check your spam box as it may be there. I will send you an email again today 🙂

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