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Goldylost is here to help everyone who needs or wishes to have a nice hair that will help you feel better! In a market filled with misinformation, low quality products and a shortage of useful resources, we’ve crafted this guide to lead you on your path towards finding the ideal hair and becoming the most amazing and self-assured version of yourself.

Let’s start from the beginning: What is a Wig?

A wig is a full cap that covers all your own hair area. They can be worn by anyone whether you have your own hair or not.

At Goldylost Hair we LOVE lace wigs! The lace is an invisible material that melts into your own skin, so the hair looks like it’s going from your own scalp! They are the wig of choice for celebrities – think Beyoncé and the Kardashians!

They are lightweight, breathable and incredibly natural.

All Goldylost wigs are “Pull on and Go” and do not require glues or tapes.

Why Human Hair Wigs:

If you’re asking yourself which wigs offer the most natural appearance, you don’t need to look any further than human hair wigs. These wigs are fashioned from authentic, 100% human hair, ensuring they move, bounce, and even flip with the same grace as your own.

At Goldylost Hair we use only the best quality hair in our wigs: Remy. Remy hair is top-tier human hair known for its high quality and premium feel. It’s gathered in a way that ensures all the hair strands have their cuticles aligned in the same direction. This alignment reduces tangling compared to non-Remy hair. Non-Remy hair, on the other hand, often undergoes an acid bath process to remove the cuticle, which can compromise the hair’s integrity. You certainly don’t want all these chemicals near your head.

Goldylost Classic Collection: Lace Wigs

At Goldylost Hair we LOVE lace front wigs! An almost invisible material that melts into your own skin, so the hair looks like its growing from your own scalp! They are the wig of choice for celebrities – think Beyoncé and the Kardashians!

Not all lace wigs however are created equal! How the wig is made, and the quality of the lace will make a big difference to how comfortable and natural the wig is. Here at Goldylost Hair our major focus is on quality and beauty:

Hand tied: Our lace wigs have a complete hand tied lace top and front. This means that each individual hair is hand tied into the lace.

Although this is very time consuming it makes a huge difference to how natural the wig will look.

Hand tied hairs move freely, like natural hair would and our very small knots give the illusion that the hair is growing out of your scalp.

The Lace: Goldylost #3017135321 #3017135321wigs are made from the highest quality true Swiss Lace.

This lace is a very fine, yet durable, mesh material that is comfortable, light weight and breathable and gives the most natural hairline of any wig cap construction. No scratchy, dark coloured lace on our wigs!

The Cap: Lace is quite a delicate material, so we do not use it for the entire cap. Only where it counts! The back of the wig cap is Made from a stronger mesh material, which is light weight, breathable and stretchy.

This material means the wig will last longer and will fit snug and secure without the need for any glue or tape.

YES! All our wigs are designed to be ‘pull on and go” and easy for beginners.

We can also make modifications such as removing clips/combs and adding PU or silicone to the ear Tabs and Nape.

Don’t forget to check our other guides and FAQ.

GoldyLost Hair is absolutely committed to only selling the most beautiful, top-quality wigs and toppers.

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