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Did you know that private health funds can offer you financial support for your medical hair wig? Conditions like Alopecia, Trichotillomania, or undergoing Chemotherapy may qualify.

The actual rebate amount can vary widely among different health funds and hinges on your level of coverage. To get the most accurate information, we recommend reaching out to your private health fund directly to inquire about the rebate they offer.

At Goldylost, we go the extra mile to assist you. We provide tax invoices that clearly specify your wig is for medical purposes, which you can submit to your health fund for reimbursement. If your health fund assigns an item number, we can include it on your invoice to streamline the process. Your peace of mind is our priority!


You could qualify for an income tax rebate under ATO taxation ruling TR93/34 when purchasing your medical wig. According to this ruling:
“Medical or surgical wigs for use by a person which is necessitated by loss of hair through sickness or disease (other than naturally occurring baldness) or the effects of the treatment of sickness or disease”

Here’s a breakdown of Ruling TR93/34:

  1. This ruling clarifies what constitutes a ‘medical or surgical appliance’ as outlined in paragraph (f) of the ‘medical expenses’ definition in subsection 159P(4) of the Income Tax Assessment Act 1936.
  2. Section 159P permits a rebate for net medical expenses exceeding $1,000. Net medical expenses encompass payments for a ‘medical or surgical appliance’ recommended by a qualified medical practitioner.
For detailed guidance on how to claim your tax rebate, it’s advisable to consult your accountant. Your financial well-being is our priority!


NEW SOUTH WALES: Enable NSW offers an encouraging A$1,600 subsidy for human hair wigs to approved applicants dealing with Alopecia. Supporting evidence, including a doctor’s letter, is essential. Please note that the application process typically spans 3-6 months. For comprehensive application details, visit: Enable NSW

VICTORIA: SWEP may offer financial support towards your human hair wig purchase. For a detailed understanding of the application process, visit: SWEP VIC

TASMANIA: Financial assistance could be accessible for individuals with Alopecia, backed by a doctor’s referral and holding a DHA Pensioner or healthcare card.

SOUTH AUSTRALIA The Department for Families and Communities (DFC) equipment program extends wigs or contributes to their purchase for eligible applicants. Find comprehensive application guidelines here: Department of Health SA 

Unfortunately, Western Australia, Queensland, Northern Territory, and the Australian Capital Territory do not presently offer relevant government subsidies.


The AAAF offers a $400 grant on wigs for persons 17 years and under – you can apply here online

Variety – Variety grants the full cost of a Human Hair Wig (up to $6,000) to approved applicants 18 years and under. who have lost their hair due to a medical condition, including long-term conditions such as alopecia and trichotillomania, and temporary hair loss, including kids undergoing treatment for cancer.

For more information on how to apply for the Variety – Wigs for Kids grant scheme visit: or give them a call on 02 9819 1000 and they will help talk you through the process of how to apply to have your children’s wig funded!


We understand buying high-quality hair can be costly. That’s why we’ve teamed up with ZipMoney to offer convenient monthly payment plans for your new wig or hair topper. If you’re in Australia, New Zealand, or the United States, you can use ZipMoney and get 0% financing for up to a year (subject to approval). This means you can enjoy your stunning hair without worrying about your budget.

For more details visit

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