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What is a Topper?

A hair topper is like a hair extension, but for the top of your hair. It’s designed to clip onto the top section of your own hair, giving it an instant boost of volume, length, and overall fabulousness.

We have designed two different topper cap constructions to suit everyone’s different needs, a silk topper and a lace topper. Both options work well for most people, but some people prefer one over the other.

A topper is designed to blend with your own hair.

Silk or Lace Topper?

Alright, let's have a friendly face-off between silk and lace toppers!

Here's why silk toppers are so popular:

Smooth as Silk: Silk toppers bring a whole new level of smoothness to the game, giving you that sleek finish on top.

Realistic Scalp Illusion: With a silk topper, you’ll have everyone fooled! The fine silk material creates the illusion of a natural scalp.

Durability: They’re the superheroes of longevity, lasting longer than a lace topper.

Dense and Dreamy: Silk toppers have got your back when it comes to density. They bring the volume like no other, giving you that full and luscious hair that makes heads turn.

Silk toppers are constructed with a fine silk material on the top and stretch wefts at the back to mould over your head.

They come in a few cap sizes with the most popular being an 8 x 8 (8″ front to back and 8″ side to side).

The silk looks just like scalp and gives a very realistic part line.

Each hair is hand tied into this silk area and the hair can be parted anywhere on the top.

CONS: they are denser than a lace topper and can feel like too much hair for some people.

Lace toppers are the perfect blend between a lace wig and a topper.

Here's what make Lace Toppers so fabulous:

The Illusion Master: Lace toppers are the masters of illusion, creating a seamless blend.

Breathe Easy: Lace toppers let your scalp breathe, keeping you cool and fabulous even in the hottest of moments.

Featherweight Feels: Lace toppers are less bulky than a silk topper and you will forget your even wearing anything.

Hairline Hero: If you’ve got hairline concerns, lace toppers are here to save the day! They give the illusion of a hairline, so you do not need to blend with your own hair.

They are constructed with a fine mesh material on top called lace and stretch wefts at the back. Our lace toppers have a large base of 10 x 10 (10″ front to back and 10″ side to side).

Lace toppers are very light weight and breathable, so they are perfect for those who want a lower density (less hair), like to style the hair back off their face, or for hot climates.

Because they have the lace front, they do not require blending with your own hair at the hairline, so they are a great option for those who have hair loss at the hairline.

CONS: because of the delicate lace they are not as durable. The lace front may not feel as secure as the heavier silk top.

GoldyLost Hair is absolutely committed to only selling the most beautiful, top-quality wigs and toppers.

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