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What makes Goldylost wigs and hair toppers special?

Goldylost Hair only uses the best materials on the market for our wigs and toppers, from the high-quality human hair to the hand sewn lace and silk tops.

Each piece is personally customized with cut, colour and style by our Senior Stylist, so it is ready to wear straight out of the packaging. Our highly experienced Stylist has owned salons, won awards in the hair industry, and has been working with hair for over 30 years. With a passion for alternative hair and creating on trend cuts, colours and styles our pieces are truly unique in the market.

We know wigs and it’s the small touches that make the biggest difference – the lightly bleached knots, the perfect shadow rooting, the soft face framing layers or the lower density around the hair line and face.

We know that buying your first hair piece can be a stressful time. We know, because we’ve been in your shoes! At Goldylost we are absolutely committed to selling only the best, top-quality wigs and toppers.

Can wigs and hair toppers look natural?

Yes! Goldylost wigs and hair toppers can look just like your real hair. Our Goldylost wigs and hair toppers are made from high quality human hair to perfectly match real hair. Matching the colour, adding your own touch, and knowing how to style all help make it look real.

Which wigs look the most natural?

High-quality human hair wigs will always look the most natural. We believe lace top and lace front cap constructions give the most natural and realistic look. This is what Goldylost specializes in, wigs that mimic natural hair growth and appearance.

Do I need a wig or topper?

This can depend on the reason for wanting to wear a hair piece. A wig offers full coverage and can be worn by anyone, whether you have a full head of hair, or no hair at all. With a wig you can choose any colour, length or style you like. A topper is a hair extension for the top of your head, designed to blend with your existing hair, so you will need some of your own hair for the topper to clip on to.

How do I measure my head for a wig or topper ?

Wigs have different cap sizes from XS - XL, so you will need to measure your head to get your best fit. Toppers are universal sizing. You do not need to measure your head for a hair topper.

Below is a diagram of how to take the 3 measurements to get your wig cap size:

What are the sizes?

Below are the wig cap size measurements:

Most people fall between sizes. Using your overall measurements you can choose a cap to fit best. We recommend sizing down to your smallest measurements if you prefer a snug fit.

Disclaimer: Size can differ due to variations in head shape and existing natural hair. As a result, two individuals might share the same head circumference, yet experience different fits with the wig.

Can wigs and hair toppers cause hair loss?

Wearing wigs or hair toppers can help prevent hair loss by shielding hair from environmental damage, reducing heat styling, and allowing natural hair to rest.

Will wigs or hair toppers damage your hair

No, when worn properly and cared for, wigs and toppers do not harm your natural hair. They actually promote better hair care habits and boost confidence while giving natural hair a break from daily stress.

Goldylost hair toppers all have pressure sensitive clips to protect your natural hair from damage.

Can wigs and hair toppers help with hair growth?

Wigs and hair toppers themselves don't directly promote hair growth. They can protect your own hair from environmental factors such as UV damage and help you keep your own hair healthy by reducing the need for constant styling.

Can wigs or hair toppers be dyed?

Goldylost wigs and hair toppers are made of high quality human hair and can be dyed like natural hair, however improper application or harsh chemicals will harm them. Many of the wigs and hair toppers have already been coloured to get our gorgeous colour range, so we do not recommend colouring further. We never recommended lightening any of our wigs or hair toppers which have already been coloured. Adding colour such as low lights or a dark root works well. Always work with a professional who is experienced working with wigs or hair toppers or get Goldylost to colour for you.

Can wigs and hair toppers get wet?

Goldylost wigs and hair toppers are made of high quality human hair and can be dyed like natural hair, however improper application or harsh chemicals will harm them. Many of the wigs and hair toppers have already been coloured to get our gorgeous colour range, so we do not recommend colouring further. We never recommended lightening any of our wigs or hair toppers which have already been coloured. Adding colour such as low lights or a dark root works well. Always work with a professional who is experienced working with wigs or hair toppers or get Goldylost to colour for you.

What kind of hair do you use?

All our wigs are made using the finest quality Remy human hair. This means that the cuticles are all going in one direction to ensure the hair is silky and healthy. We work with hair from all over the world, looking for fine textured, healthy, shiny hair.

How long will they last?

All our wigs are made using the finest quality R The lifespan of a human hair wig or hair topper ranges from 1 to 3 years (or more if well cared for). Using proper styling products, minimizing heat styling to only when necessary, and avoiding anything that will damage the knots in your lace wig or hair topper will all enhance its lifespan. emy human hair. This means that the cuticles are all going in one direction to ensure the hair is silky and healthy. We work with hair from all over the world, looking for fine textured, healthy, shiny hair.

Which wigs or hair toppers last the longest?

Human hair wigs have the longest lifespan due to their durability and resilience. With proper care, these wigs and hair toppers can maintain their quality for 1 - 3 years or more. Synthetic wigs have a shorter lifespan, generally lasting six months. A lace top cap construction is less durable than a silk top construction, but they are still a popular choice due to the lightweight feel and natural look. The longevity of any wig or hair topper depends on factors like wear frequency, maintenance routine, and styling practices.

Can you go swimming in a wig or hair topper?

Swimming with a wig or hair topper can damage it due to chemicals and tangling. If you decide to swim with a wig or hair topper, make sure to do so with caution and rinse it thoroughly with clean water afterwards to remove chlorine or salt, and carefully detangle it to prevent matting.

How do I care for my Goldylost wig or hair topper?

Looking after your wig or hair topper is really easy. Have a look at our helpful Care Guide, it has all the information you need on washing, caring for and styling your wig.

Can you wear a wig with long hair?

Yes! Everyone can wear a wig. Wigs are a great way to change your look to suit your mood or style. You can have a cute bob without cutting your own hair, or go super blonde without damaging your own hair with bleach.

What wigs or toppers for Alopecia?

At Goldylost we are familiar with the journey of hair loss for women. All our wigs and hair toppers are designed with comfort features for women with hair loss. The type of hair topper or wig will depend on the type of alopecia you have. Toppers are great for thinning hair, or hair loss on the top of the head, while a wig is a better option for larger areas of hair loss or total hair loss.

We can also add small additions by request such as silicone on the ear tabs and nape.

How can I determine the right colour to choose? The colours appear slightly different in photos and videos.

Unfortunately, the challenge of perfectly capturing a hair's exact colour on camera is a bit like chasing rainbows. This is because hair does not have one true colour. It looks different in different lighting, whether it's a wig or natural hair. The colour will always have a slight variance between outdoor and indoor lighting, direct sunlight versus the softer glow of indoors, and there can even be variance between your computer and phone screens. We recommend looking at colours in our product listings as these are taken in front of a large window with natural lighting. Avoid choosing colours from client photos as these photos can be taken in incorrect lighting or even with a filter. Blue light blockers or night mode can also affect the colour on devices, so be sure to turn these off when browsing.

How do I cut the lace on my wig or lace topper?

Cutting the lace is less daunting than it seems. We recommend a slow and careful approach! Keep in mind that you can always cut more off, but you can't put it back on. We recommend you use small scissors to cut your lace for precision and accuracy.

  1. Secure all hair away from the lace using clips to prevent unintended trimming of hair.
  2. Begin carefully trimming along the hairline, commencing at one ear and concluding at the opposite side.
  3. Your goal is to retain around 1/4 - 1/2 inch of lace beyond the hairline. Avoid trimming right up to the hairline to ensure the lace lies smoothly against your forehead.
  4. After making the initial cuts, wear the wig to assess its appearance. If needed, make further adjustments as you see fit.

We also have the option for the lace to be cut by a Goldylost expert before shipping the wig to you. Be aware this will video the return policy.

What products should I use with this hair?

Always go for top-notch, salon-grade products as our suggestion. Stay away from sulphates and opt for those formulated for colour-treated hair. Keep in mind, your hair is an investment, and superior products safeguard that investment. We have product recommendations in our Care Guide.

Do I need to use glue or tape on my Goldylost wig or lace toppers?

No. Goldylost wigs come with a lace cap that hugs your head so you can simply put on and go. They are designed to be used without any adhesives, tape or glue.

Do you take custom colour requests?

We do. You can send through some inspiration photos and use our Custom Form.

Can I sleep in my wig or hair topper?

We don't recommend it. Sleeping in your wig or hair topper will reduce its longevity.

Can I have bangs/fringe in a wig or hair topper?

Absolutely, we can cut any type of bang into your wig or hair topper before shipping it out to you, or you can have an experienced stylist of your choice cut them for you. Bangs are a great option to have in a topper, as it makes blending at the front super easy.

Is a hair topper more comfortable than a wig?

This is a personal preference. A topper only covers the top part of your head so it is more lightweight than a wig. Your own hair is left out underneath the topper so it is easier to tie back into a ponytail/plait/low bun and it allows more air to reach your scalp which can be cooler in hot climates. Some people feel a wig is more comfortable as it fits snuggly over the whole head, and they enjoy this snug secure feeling. They also prefer to not have clips on their own hair.

How do I know what length to order?

Grab a tape measure and begin at the crown of your head. Measure down to where you would like your new hair to stop. A topper should be a similar length to your own hair ( not shorter) and if you desire some extra length, feel free to order toppers that are 2 to 4 inches longer than your natural hair. A wig can be any length you desire.

Should a hair topper be the same length as your hair?

A hair topper doesn't necessarily have to be the exact same length as your natural hair. It can be slightly longer, depending on the look you want to achieve. However, a topper that is significantly longer or shorter might not blend well enough to appear natural.

Can you wear a wig or hair topper every day?

Yes, you can wear a wig or hair topper every day. Many people choose to wear their hair daily to address hair thinning, achieve a desired look, or enhance their natural hair.

Can you wear a hair topper if you are bald?

We would not recommend this. Hair toppers are designed to blend with your natural hair. A wig would be more suitable.

How do I choose a wig or hair topper?

To choose a wig you will need to measure your head for your correct cap size, and then choose a colour and length you love. To choose a hair topper, look for one that is a similar colour and length to your own hair. Remember any of the wigs or hair toppers can be restyled any way you like. So don't get too stuck on where the part line is or the style. If you don’t know what you are looking for, we recommend you book a consult.

Why are human hair wigs and hair toppers so expensive?

The price is influenced by factors such as the materials they are made from and how they are made. Human hair will always have a high price point as it takes such a long time to grow. All Goldylost wigs and hair toppers have hand tied silk or lace tops. This means every single hair is hand tied with a tiny knot which is very time consuming. This increases the price over a machine made product, but makes all the difference in how naturally the hair moves. While they may seem costly upfront, their quality, longevity, and the joy they bring often justifies the investment. Feel free to check the testimonials and product reviews from women whose lives have been changed by their Goldylost topper.

What is the difference between a lace top and a silk top?

At Goldylost we create lace top wigs and lace and silk toppers.

Wigs: At Goldylost we create lace top wigs. We believe these look most natural for a wig. Silk top wigs are often too dense and have too much hair for most people. We can create these by request, if this is your preferred cap style.

Toppers: At Goldylost we create silk top and lace top toppers. Both have pros and cons and depend on your own natural hair and preferences. A silk top has a very realistic looking scalp. You should have some hair at your hairline to blend. Silk toppers are more dense than a lace topper, but also more durable. A lace topper is more lightweight and breathable, they do not require you to have hair at your hairline, they have less hair overall and they sit very flat. They can take a little more practice to put on and they will usually not last as long.

What is the difference between hand tied and wefted?

Our classic collection have the most important part of a wig to look natural hand tied and stretchy wefted backs. This means that every hair on the top area has been hand tied which allows the hair to move freely and be styled however you like. The stretch wefts consist of hair strips sewn together allowing the hair to fall naturally downwards and the cap to mold over your head.

Our pony wigs have the same hand tied top area, but the stretchy wefts are sewn in a different direction, making it easier to put the hair up in a high bun or ponytail.

On a fully hand tied cap, every hair has been hand sewn on to the cap. This includes the top area and the back. This takes considerably more time and has a higher price point. The benefit of this is you are able to do more styles and some people prefer the fit.

Can you put a wig or hair topper in a ponytail?

Certainly! All of our wigs and hair toppers can be tied back into a low to mid ponytail or bun. As a topper blends with your own hair and has less hair in the cap, they are usually easier for tying back than a full wig. To pull your hair up into a higher ponytail or messy bun, a ponytail wig works best.

Can you change the part on a wig or hair topper?

Yes, you can change the part on all of our wigs and hair toppers. Because the top area is hand tied, you can do any part line you like. To change a part you can just spray some water to wet the area you want to change and comb it over to its new part line. Once the hair dries it will stay in the new part position.

Is a wig or hair topper hot?

Wigs and hair toppers are generally not considered hot to wear. Obviously they will be warmer to wear than nothing at all, but so is clothing, hats and make up. Our wigs are made with human hair and breathable materials which helps them keep cool. A hair topper is more lightweight and cooler to wear than a full wig.

Can I curl my wig or hair topper?

Yes, all of our wigs and toppers are made from beautiful human hair and look fabulous with a glam curl or a beach wave. You can use heatless curling methods, or a hot curling wand. Just ensure you use a good quality heat protector.

How often should I wash my wig or hair topper?

The frequency of washing your wig or hair topper depends on factors like your lifestyle, the environment, and your personal preference. Generally, washing every 10-20 wears is a good guideline. However, if you're in dusty or humid environments, or if you use styling products frequently, more frequent washing might be needed. Have a look at our Care Guide for more information.

Can you wear a headband with a wig or hair topper?

Absolutely, you can wear any cute accessories with a wig or hair topper! Just position them as if the wig or hair topper was your own hair.

How do women's hair toppers work?

A hair topper is a hair extension that clips on to the top of your own hair, covering the top area of your head. It adds volume, length and also hides hair loss and thin areas. All of GoldyLost Hair toppers are made with beautiful high quality human hair and look incredibly natural.

Can I book an in-person consultation? How do I do that?

Yes! We offer both in-person and video consultations to cater to your preferences and convenience.

Face-to face consultations are at a conveniently located in-home studio, in Chippendale, Sydney, Australia. They run for 1 hour and require a $100AUD non-refundable deposit upon booking. This deposit will be deducted from any Goldylost human hair wig or topper purchased on the day or be given as a voucher which you can use to purchase at a later date.

Video consultations are conducted over Zoom. These consultations are free and run for 20 minutes.

To schedule your appointment, simply check our Book a Consultation page and select the best time for you.


Will my wig come with the lace already cut?

No, unless you request us to do so, the wig will be shipped with the full lace. If you request to have the lace cut, then we will do it for you, just keep in mind that by doing that the sale is considered final and the return policy is voided.

Can you cut or restyle my wig or hair topper?

Absolutely, we've got skilled hairdressers at Goldylost who can cut and style your wig anyway you like. You can choose options on the product page before purchase or contact us to discuss. Photos of your preferred cut or style can be helpful. Customizing a wig or hair topper may void the return policy.

What is a custom order?

A custom order is a request to create a wig or hair topper specially for you. It could be a colour you love on the website, but you would like customizations that aren't available for purchase or preorder on the website. It could be you need an XL cap, a super long length or additional add ons such as silicone.  We can easily create this for you. 


Or it could be you’ve found some hair on Pinterest that you love and you want a full custom colour. We do this on a case-by-case basis. Complete our custom order form  to discuss your envisioned piece. The standard production time of a custom order is around 12 weeks.

Can I exchange a stock piece?

If you receive your order and you love the quality, but not that exact piece you can return it for a full credit. This will allow you to order a new piece that will work better for you. Please see the returns policy for full details.

Can I modify a stock piece?

Yes, we can change the part, or restyle the piece by adding curls or straightening. We can also permanently modify any of our stock pieces by cutting length or bangs (fringe), adding a darker root, removing/adding clips or cutting the lace. Modified pieces will become Final Sale and will no longer be valid for a return. Please read more in our return policy page.

Can I order a piece in a different size?

If you can not find your preferred cap size or length in your favourite colour or style, you can complete a custom order form or reach out to us via our contact page. For stock colours, lengths and cap sizes, they will often be considered a preorder and still eligible for return.

Is the packaging used discreet?

Yes, all our wigs and hair toppers are shipped out in packaging that does not say anywhere that it is a wig or topper. Your privacy is a top concern for us!

I have an urgent enquiry about my order, can I contact someone in that case?

Yes, we are always here to help. If you have an urgent enquiry, please call us on XXXX XXX XXX. If we are unable to answer the call, please leave a voice message or text us so we’re aware of the issue and can contact you straight away. You can also write an email to We do our best to reply to all messages as soon as possible, usually within 1-2 business days.


I am obsessed with everything Goldylost. How can I be more involved?

There are so many ways you can be involved!

You can email us with kind words or a photo for us to share on our socials Reading emails about how much you love us makes our day! Receiving photos makes our whole week!

You can support us on our socials by following us and liking, commenting and sharing our posts or by creating your own content showing your Goldylost hair and tagging us.

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We have our Goldylost Support Group on Facebook which is a fabulous group of like minded women who love sharing and supporting each other through their hair journeys.

We also run Zoom and in-person events which are really fun to attend! Just sign up to our Newsletter to be notified.

My GoldyLost wig or hair topper changed my life! How can I help other women?

You can leave us a review! We can tell the world how amazing we are, but hearing it from real women is so much more powerful. Sharing what you love about our wigs or hair toppers or sharing a real life photo helps so many other women in their journey to finding hair they love as well.

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How can we feature all of the amazing work you're doing?

For media or press enquiries you can email


How can I let Goldylost I am quite a fan?

Come join our community on social media. We are @Goldylost on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and Threads. (We get to see all your cute photos if you tag them #goldylosthair).

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Do you sell gift cards?

We do! We sell e-Gift Cards, you can find them on the shop page. You can gift them to someone you like, which they can use to buy any product at Goldylost.

Can I purchase gift cards or vouchers to send someone the gift of hair?

Yes! We sell pretty pink physical gift vouchers and e-Gift vouchers. You can order through the shop page. You can gift them to anyone you love, and they can use them towards the purchase of any Goldylost product.

Gift vouchers are non-refundable, but products purchased with a Gift Voucher are eligible for return or credit in line with our Returns Policy.

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