Human Hair Wigs With No Glue?

Human Hair Wigs With No Glue

What Is a Human Hair Lace Wig? Does it need Glue?

At GoldyLost Hair we LOVE lace front wigs!  An almost invisible material that melts into your own skin, so the hair looks like its going from your own scalp! If you are looking for a human hair wig with no glue, you just found it.

Do I need to glue down the lace?

No! Goldylost wigs are all glue less caps and designed to be very easy to wear.

There are many different lace wig cap constructions and many of them require glueing the lace on to your own skin to keep the wig secure. These wigs are usually designed to be worn for longer periods of time (think sleeping in your wig).  Many people have seen ‘how to” YouTube videos showing how to glue down a wig and assumed all lace wigs are designed like this. This cap construction is very time consuming to put on, high maintenance and it can damage your own hair and the wig lace front very easily.

We have specially designed all of our wigs to be easy to wear, secure and comfortable.

Are Lace Wigs Easy To Wear?

GoldyLost lace wigs are designed to be easy to wear. They are perfect for beginner wig wearers and long time wig wearers alike. They do not require any special application, or accessories. They truly are just pull on and go!At GoldyLost Hair we have created all of our wigs to be glue less.

How Are The Wig Cap Made?

The difference is all in the cap construction.  Our wigs are created to fit snug on to the head.

  • Stretch Wefts: The back of the wig cap is made from a stretchy mesh material, which is light weight, breathable and most importantly stretchy. This material stretches and fits snug and secure to your head with out the need to glue or tape.
  • Adjustable bands: The wigs have stretch adjustable bands in the back so you can adjust how tight or loose you like the wig to fit.
  • Ear tabs: The wig has ear tabs which sit in front of the ears adding security and ensuring the lace sits flat
  • Clips and combs: the wigs have pressure sensitive clips on each ear tabs and a comb at the nape of the neck for added security.
  • Additional options: We can add silicone or velvet to the ear tabs, inside cap and nape of neck for those without hair who want added grip, without the use of clips and combs.

Watch the video below to see just how easy and secure GoldyLost wigs are.

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