What size for your next wig or topper?

What size of wig or topper should I get?

Wig Sizing: How to Find The Correct Cap and Length?

To determine your wig size you will need to take a few measurements using a flexi measuring tape. The most important measurement is the circumference.

All wig measurements are stated on the listing. Please ensure you check your head measurements against the listing measurements, even if you think you know your wig size. Different wig caps are constructed differently, the sizing can also change. 

As with bodies our heads are all different shapes and sizes. You may not fall perfectly in to one category or another. 

All of the wigs have some stretch in them to fit comfortably and adjustable straps in the back, so you can adjust it to fit smaller or larger. 

Toppers: How Do They Work?

The cap sizes are measured in inches from front to back and side to side. So an 8x8inch cap will measure eight inches from the front to the back of the cap, and 8 inches from the left to the right, when the cap is stretched over your head or cork wig head.

In silk top caps GoldyLost Hair sells 7”x7” and 8”x8” and 9”x9” silk toppers as these suit most head sizes, sit the flattest, and the clips sit on stronger areas of hair.

The smaller the base size, the more of your own hair you will see. A larger base size allows you to cover the majority of your own hair with the topper hair, so you can be more flexible with length and colour.


How to Find the Ideal Length For Your New Human Hair Wig or Topper?

The hair length is measured from the crown to the tip of the hair at the back. Most pieces will also have a layer 1 -2” shorter, and face framing layers at the front. This gives a more natural appearance.

It is always better to take measurements of your desired length, and not make an assumption from photos of others in their toppers. Length can vary from person to person depending on head size, neck length etc. To measure, take a flexi measuring tape (a friend may be required to help) and measure from your crown down your back, making a note of your desired length.

I recommend adding 1 – 2 inches as you can always cut it shorter if needed.

Check out the below video with detailed instructions on how to measure your head for your next wig or a topper.


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