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Which one is right for you?

Today we are going to share some insights with you about the differences between Lace Wigs and Lace Toppers, helping you find the perfect match for your hair needs. 

Lace Wigs: Versatile Elegance

Let’s start with lace wigs,  designed for a flawless, natural look. Lace wigs are incredibly versatile, suitable for everyone, regardless of whether you have a full head of hair or none at all. 

These wigs feature a delicate lace top where each hair strand is hand-tied, creating the illusion of hair growing directly from your scalp.

Lace wigs are known for their light, airy feel and lower density compared to silk top wigs, making them an excellent choice if you prefer a lighter wig.

However, they are also more delicate, typically lasting around 12-18 months with daily wear. 

We have a video in our YouTube channel explaining what is a lace top wig. Click right here to watch it ✨

Lace Toppers: Tailored Perfection

Lace toppers, like lace wigs, feature a thin lace top for a natural appearance. However, they are best suited for those wishing to use their own hair. If you have thinning around the hairline, a lace topper could be your ideal solution.

Lace toppers, like lace wigs, are delicate and have a similar lifespan of 12-18 months with daily wear.

✨ Click here and watch a tutorial video we made explaining everything about lace toppers. ✨

Which one is right for you?

Not sure whether a lace wig or lace topper is your perfect match?

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