How To Find The Perfect Human Hair Wig?

Curly Human Hair Wig

Which Human Hair Wig is The Best?

Are you in search of a human hair wig to boost your look and confidence? With a vast range of options out there, finding the perfect human hair wig or topper it may feel like a real challenge! Rest assured that we do know exactly what you might be going through. This blog post is about some of the challenges you may find in your hair journey.

Finding your own style!

Finding the perfect style can feel overwhelming, especially if you are new to wearing wigs and toppers. Most people tend to search for hair that looks exactly like their own, and that can create a dangerous emotional attachment. The first thing anyone should consider before purchasing a human hair or synthetic wig is how comfortable it will feel. It might sound obvious, but a comfortable wig ensures that you can wear it for extended periods without discomfort, allowing you to go about your day with confidence and ease. Also, comfort enhances the overall experience of wearing a wig, contributing to a positive self-image and increased satisfaction with your appearance. That’s why at Goldylost we don’t work with synthetic hair.

Women who have been wearing human hair wigs and toppers for some time already know that precisely matching their natural hair can be very difficult and sometimes even misleading. More importantly, it’s about finding a wig or topper that looks natural on you, not exactly like your own hair, but something that no one would guess isn’t your real hair when they see you. And that can be easily done! 

Making the right choice

Other important things you should keep in mind when considering human hair wigs and toppers include:

    • Longevity and Durability:

      Human hair wigs are renowned for their durability and longevity, on average lasting from 1 to 3 years with proper care and maintenance. Unlike synthetic wigs, which may lose their shape and beauty over time, human hair wigs retain their quality and resilience, allowing you to enjoy beautiful hair for long time.

    • Independent Reviews:

Unfortunately, it’s common for companies to selectively feature positive reviews on their websites, ignoring negative feedback from customers. It’s important to rely on independent reviews, such as those on Google, and hear from people who have purchased human hair wigs or toppers from various companies. This way, you can assess their experiences and how satisfied they are with their hairpieces.

    • Styling Options:

If you’re aiming for a natural feel, make sure you choose a style and cut that reflects your personality. Similar to your natural hair, human hair wigs can be cut, coloured, and styled to meet your preferences. Whether you favour sleek and straight locks, voluminous curls, or beachy curls, human hair wigs are versatile allowing you to achieve the desired look. 

Exploring your options:

In conclusion, finding a great human hair wig or topper can be tough, but it’s possible. Remember: focus on what feels comfy, go for a natural look, think about how long it’ll last (we know how expensive these beautiful hairs are!), and consider a style that will make you feel good. Check out reviews from others to help you decide. 

Need guidance in choosing a wig or topper, finding your ideal size or colour?  You can book a free consultation with one of our hair specialists right here

Which human hair wig is the best?

Which human hair wig is the best?



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