How to Cut The Lace On Your Wig?

How to Cut The Lace On Your Wig?

So, you have received your new GoldyLost Hair wig in the mail, tried it on and you are in LOVE!

But what do you do with the extra lace on the forehead?

Le us explain how to cut the lace on your wig for a seamless, natural look.

How to Cut The Lace On Your Wig

All new lace front wigs will come with the lace un-cut (unless requested otherwise). This extra lace is designed to be cut back to the hairline of the wig. Most people like to cut the lace about 1/4 inch in front of the wigs hair line, but many like to leave a little bit extra, or even cut it right back to the wig hair line.

Cutting the lace can seem intimidating, but it is actually very easy.

You will need a sharp pair of scissors, something to hold the wig on and some clips to hold the hair back out of the way.

When cutting your lace my motto is “slow and steady wins the race”.

Carefully trim the excess lace back to about 1/2 an inch in-front of the wig hair line following its natural shape. Try on the wig and see how it feels and how the lace sits on your forehead. If it looks like too much lace, repeat the process by cutting a little bit further back and trying on again.

Once you are happy with the lace, throw the excess in the rubbish and your wig is ready to wear!

We are always happy to cut the lace for you (just send us a message before we ship) but remember once the lace is cut the wig is yours. We can not accept returns on wigs with the lace cut.

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