How to Pre Order a Wig or Hair Topper Not In Stock

How to Back Order a Wig or Hair Topper?

My favourite wig is always sold out! How can make sure the next one arriving is mine?

Our human hair wigs and toppers are some of the most beautiful in the world, which is why, they often sell out quite quickly!

As each wig or topper is made form very high quality human hair, have hand tied silk or lace and are custom coloured by our expert stylist in our Sydney salon, they also take time to make.

We are always busy creating new wigs and toppers, so your favourite piece may be almost ready. Instead of waiting for it to hit the website (and possibly missing out), you can preorder. Preordering means that the next wig or hair topper you have ordered is yours, as soon as it is ready.

So how do I buy a wig if it is not in stock?

Preordering is easy. If the wig or hair topper you want has sold out, it will state that it is out of stock but available for backorder. You can then just add this item to your cart and purchase as normal. You will receive an email notification when the wig or hair topper has finished and shipped out to you.

You can also send us a message to check how long any wig or hair topper is going to take if you preorder.

Preordering  is the best way to ensure you grab your favourite piece without having to constantly check the website to see if it is back in stock, or risk missing out again.

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