How to Clean, Maintain and Style a Human Hair Wig or Topper?

Lynx 16" | Gray Human Hair Wig

Goldylost Hair wigs and toppers are all 100% Remy Human Hair and require some love and care to ensure they look their best, and last you a long time. You do not need to wash your piece as often as you would your own hair, around every 10 – 20 wears is recommended, depending on products you use and your activities while wearing it.

Check out this care guide we crafted to help you make the best of your human hair wig or topper

How to wash your wig or topper

All products used on your topper and wigs should be salon quality.
To wash your piece you should gently brush out the knots and wet hair with luke-warm water. This can be done easily in a sink. Using a small amount of SLS (Sodium Laurel Sulphate) Free shampoo, massage through hair. Be extra gentle around the crown, and lace areas. Repeat this process. Rinse out all of the shampoo completely before adding a small amount of moisturising conditioner. Apply to the lengths and ends only, applying to the lace or silk area will loosen the knots and lessen the life of the piece. Rinse out all conditioner thoroughly. Using too much conditioner or not rinsing completely will leave your piece looking “dirty”.

If you have a blonde piece or the hair feels like it needs some TLC, you can now add a hydrating mask and leave for the recommended time frame. Rinse well.

Run the piece under cold water (warm water removes oil and soap, cold water closes cuticles).
Squeeze out any excess water, then wrap in a towel, squeezing again to remove water.
Leave the piece to dry flat on the towel until piece is damp. You can now place on a wig head or wig stand. Be very careful with your wig head size. Stretching the cap to dry on a wig head can leave the cap stretched once dry.
To extend the life of the knots you can use a hair dryer on a cool setting and dry the wig cap before placing on a wig stand, allowing the hair to dry naturally. Once hair is completely dry you can style as you wish.

How to style your wig or topper

You can use any heat tools designed for human hair on your wig or topper, this includes a hair dryer, curling tongs and hair straighteners.

I recommend purchasing a cork wig head that is on a stand or with a clamp and some T-Pins (cheap on Ebay). This will make styling your wig or topper much easier. Using the T-Pins secure your piece to the cork wig head. Ensure the pins are placed through the clips, or strong material on the wefts. Never push the T-Pins through and silk area or lace area.

How should I style & store my hair piece?
Always use a salon quality heat protectant when using heat styling tools and use on a lower setting. Heat tools will lessen the life of the piece.

How to style a human hair wig

You can use any salon quality human hair products on your piece such as serums and hair oils, it is not recommend to use coloured products such as root sprays as this may colour the silk parting.

To store your piece, you can keep it on a wig stand or in a silk bag, hang it or use a wig stand to support.

Accessories for human hair wigs and toppers.
Accessories for human hair wigs and toppers.

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