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What is the difference between a wig and a topper?

A wig is a full cap that cover all of your head or hair. A topper is a clip in hair extension that clips on to the top of your head.


A wig offers full coverage and covers ALL of your head or hair. Anyone can wear a wig, whether you have your own hair or not. As wigs cover your whole head you can experiment with any style, colour or length!

GoldyLost Hair wigs come in small, medium and large sized caps, with most wigs listed in medium size. The sizing of each wig is shown on the listing and most wigs can be custom ordered in your size if it is not listed on the website.

To find out your cap size please see here What size should you get? 
Wigs also come in different cap constructions (how the cap is made and the material) and hair density (how much hair the wig has) The majority of GoldyLost Hair cap constructions are lace top and lace front or silk tops.

Lace top and lace front mean that the top of the wig is made of a thin lace material and each hair is individually sewn in to the lace. Lace front means the lace extends to the front of the wig and the hair looks like it is growing out of your scalp. A lace top/front wig is perfect for someone who likes a more light weight cap, likes to have hair off their face and to have the option of a wig with less hair.

Silk top wig means the top of the wig is made from a silk material and each hair is individually sewn through this silk material giving a very realistic scalp appearance. Silk tops are perfect for someone who wants longevity out of their wig. A silk top is not as delicate as a lace wig.


Toppers clip on to the top of your existing hair adding more hair, or covering thinning areas. They only offer partial coverage so it’s important for it to blend into your hair to look natural and will need to be a similar colour.

GoldyLost Hair sells two types of topper cap construction – Silk Top and Lace Top.

Silk toppers are hand-tied silk top caps with wefted back. The silk top gives the appearance of a realistic scalp and the wefts mould to the shape of your head.

Lace toppers are made of a thin light weight mesh material the same as the lace on wigs. The scalp is not as realistic as a silk top, but they are more lightweight, and do not require blending at the hairline. 

Your topper should be a similar colour to your existing hair at the root, and a similar length. You can have a topper a few inches longer than your existing hair.

All our toppers are made with the highest quality human hair with pressure sensitive clips to ensure minimal damage to your existing hair.

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