Vanilla 14″ | DRAFT – Human Hair Wig


The Vanilla blonde wig has a silk top for a natural scalp and lace front for a natural hair line. A creamy pale blonde with a light root

The piece you see in the photo is the exact one you’ll receive, ready to wear straight out of the box. But you can also add your personal touches to make it uniquely yours.

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Cut the lace

I agree that by requesting any changes, including lace cut, I am not eligible for a return. If the product is purchased as per picture, the return policy applies.

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Want more personal touches?


This is a silk top wig with a lace front.

Gorgeous healthy, shiny remy human hair.

Hand tied transparent ear to ear lace with small knots for natural hair line

The lace front blends into your own skin, and the hair looks like it is growing from your own head.

Fine silk lining between the lace front and the silk top, creating a seamless transition between lace and silk.

The 100% hand tied silk top is multi directional so you can comfortably part the hair anywhere on the top (Yes, you can do a side part!).

It has stretchy wefts at the back to comfortably mould over your head and an adjustable band for the perfect fit.

2 pressure sensitive clips for extra security, without pulling your own hair.

Professionally cut, coloured and styled this beautiful wig is ready to wear straight out of the box!

Density: Medium density (130%)

Length measured from crown to tip with slight layers

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What is a lace top wig?

At Goldylost Hair we LOVE lace front wigs! An almost invisible material that melts into your skin, so the hair looks like it’s growing from your own scalp!

Lace wigs are so popular because they look incredibly natural. It’s nearly impossible for someone to tell that you are wearing a wig at all. This allows you to feel comfortable and confident in your wig, without worrying if people will notice, because they won’t!



Why Goldylost?​

At Goldylost we are inspired by real people. We are passionate about helping women look and feel confident. We believe beauty is more than a look, it’s a feeling: when you look good, you feel good.


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