Wigs have been around forever, from the ancient Egyptian Queens to today’s undetectable wigs in Hollywood. So, finding a good wig should be easy right? Apparently not.

For too long, companies have been selling low quality hair to women for the price of a small car.

Why? Because they can! With limited options women have had no other choice but to buy them or go without. We asked ourselves... What are all the movie stars wearing? It then became my mission to bring natural looking wigs to the everyday woman. If movie stars can have undetectable wigs, then so can we.


It all started with me, Clementine, the Founder of GoldyLost.  I've had hair loss since I was 16 and although I found having hair loss awful, what I found worse was the struggle to find a decent wig.

I thought finding a solution would be an easy fix, I would just get whatever the celebrities were wearing and move on with my life.

Ten years later, after trying almost every wig store in Australia (and many overseas), all I had to show for my efforts was a drawer full of unwearable wigs, a much smaller savings account, and rock bottom self-esteem.

I decided that I was not spending the rest of my life obsessing over my hair loss, so I searched the world for the best; from hair sellers to hair stylists and started creating wigs I felt proud to wear.


I created Goldylost Hair to ensure other women never went on the same disappointing journey I did and found hair they love the very first time.

My small team now creates the perfect wigs and toppers for every woman.


We believe that for every woman who loves herself, the world is a better place.

Our Mission is to help women find hair they feel fabulous in, so they can shine their true light on the world. It may seem like "just hair", but it's far more than that.

It's looking in the mirror and loving what you see. It's feeling like your old self again. It's about being the person you want to be and doing all the things you love, without hair (or lack of) holding you back.


Talking about loving oneself… We truly do believe we have the most beautiful wigs and hair toppers around. We are proud hair wearers, and our experiences shape our approach to the pieces we make. Simply put - our pieces are designed by hair wearers for hair wearers. 

Our wigs and toppers are created with thoughtful details such as a natural amount of hair, custom colouring with perfectly placed highlights or shadow rooting, and only the highest quality materials.

what's our secret?

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